Asked April 7, 2020, 1:37 PM EDT

Hope 3 questions is not too much. One my soil tested poor, am I better off with a bagged fertilizer over a liquid? Low on phosphorus, potassium and sandy loam. Is a metal deer fence better than a plastic? Also, what is the last frost date for Hersey, MI
Steve Petoskey

Osceola County Michigan

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Steve fertilizer whether liquid or granular provide the same nutrients if their N-P-K numbers are the same. Some products may be in a form that breaks down more slowly and this can be true of both liquid and granular. Sometimes they list "WIN" for water insoluble on the container and the higher the number the more slowly the nutrients are released. You would have to check the analysis on the container to find this. Slower releasing means a longer lasting fertilizer and less all at once. Deer from my experience are not deterred more by a metal fence over a plastic one. Though there are metal fences that are electrical. They do seem a bit more skittish about jumping over a fence when they cannot see what is on the other side.
For Big Rapids there is data that states that it is down to a 25% chance of frost on May 26. Each year is different but this is the average for the area.