Growing a food garden at the beach

Asked April 7, 2020, 12:07 PM EDT

Hello, I have about 100 square feet of ground in my back yard in Lincoln City. Sun exposure is good. Problems: snails, slugs, sow bugs, moisture. How can I be successful growing veg in this space? Thank you SO much! Shellie

Lincoln County Oregon

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Your best bet would probably be to put in a raised bed. Here's a link to Oregon State Extension publication "Raised Bed Gardening".
You could surround it with hazelnut shells to try to deter slugs & snails.

If you want to grow foods like tomatoes that require a little more warmth and protection from the wind, you might consider a cloche. Here's another publication to help you out - "How to Build Your Own Raised Bed Cloche" -

Another really helpful Oregon State Extension publication is "Growing Your Own" - It has good information on site selection, pests, watering and more. Page 7 shows dates for planting vegetables in Oregon - Region 1 (Coast) lists appropriate dates for Lincoln City. Pages 18-19 talks about the Oregon Coast generally.