Disappearing squirrels

Asked April 7, 2020, 9:27 AM EDT

Disappearing squirrels April 7 2020 at any given time I could look out my back door and see 6 To 8 squirrels at any given time . You could say that my neighborhood is infested I have noticed in the last few days they have become scarce as of April 6 I haven’t seen any very unusual. Paranoid in New England

Kent County Rhode Island

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The squirrel population in any area experiences highs and lows depending on the predator population in the area. Often times when there is a good food source, more fox, fisher cats, bobcats, hawks and owls move in. If the food is there, they will come. You may not see the predators as some are out very early in the morning or are nocturnal.
If you are suddenly not seeing them, it could be weather related. They may be hunkered down if a storm is coming. You will rarely see them out in the rain. This is also their time to have babies so they will have to protect and feed their young.

Carol Quish