What to do about moles?

Asked April 6, 2020, 6:06 PM EDT

We have had a lot of moles the last couple of years, but my Mom’s yard, in Perryville, looks like a war zone. She has tried everything she, and I, can think of, and they are back this year. What is the best way to get rid of them?

Boyle County Kentucky

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The most effective way to deal with moles is with a harpoon trap. They must be put on active runs though so, it is best to stomp down all the hills, then the next day see where new ones pop up and put the trap near the end of the new run. Moles are voracious eaters so they won't reuse a run, which is why they are so destructive.

You also may have a high white grub population. With curative control, treatment is applied in late summer, after the eggs have hatched and grubs are present. Insecticides used for curative control have relatively short residual effectiveness (usually 2 to 3 weeks or less). Therefore, proper timing is important. The best time to apply curative grub insecticides in Kentucky is in early to mid August when grubs are still small and their feeding damage is relatively light. A good product to use is Bayer Advanced 24hr Grub Control.

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