Planting Bing Cherry on the Western Slope

Asked April 6, 2020, 4:35 PM EDT


I am looking for information about planting Bing Cherry on the Western Slope. This is for pleasure, only looking for 2-4 trees but don't know enough about the cherry trees and planting to decide.

Thank you.

Delta County Colorado

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Hello Deana,
You want to find a warm microclimate that will help the trees avoid cold and frost. Late frost often takes many of our sweet cherries. Do NOT plant in low areas of your yard, as cold sinks. Usually the east side of your house, garage or other structure is a good temperate area to grow them. And being a sweet cherry, you do need at least 2 trees for cross pollination. I would buy at a garden center/nursery as they will have better quality trees than Big box stores. I am attaching our backyard stone fruit handout. There are several diseases and insects you will need to watch and treat for. I would use tree wrap or white paint on the trunks to prevent cracking on the southwest side of the trees. Western Cherry fruit fly is a pest that can effect every cherry with a worm in the cherry, so really important to spray for that. Let me know if you have other questions.