Testing strawberries

Asked April 6, 2020, 4:10 PM EDT

Is there a test you could do to find out what variety of strawberries I have? If so, how much does it cost.?

Josephine County Oregon

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There is not specific test available.

There are three types of strawberries. First, June-bearers, produce only one crop per year in June or July. Popular cultivars include Hood, Totem, Benton and Tillamook. Next, ever bearers produce two crops of berries, one in June and the other in the fall. Recommended cultivars include Quinault and Fort Laramie. My favorite, day-neutrals produce fruit almost continuously throughout the growing season. Suggested cultivars include Tri-Star, Tribute, and Selva.

You may be able to distinguish your variety from these descriptions.

Hope this helps!