replacement trees & plants for wooded steep hillside

Asked April 6, 2020, 3:54 PM EDT

We have a steep wooded area that covered with dead trees, soft woods and multiflora rose plants.
There are live hardwoods. It is steep in places. I would like to clean up underbrush, but I don't
want to cause erosion. We already have erosion started in this area due to runoff from a farm field.
Can you suggest some trees or grasses to plant to stop erosion and crowd out the multiflora rose?

Dubuque County Iowa

1 Response

Multiflora rose cannot be crowded out by other plants. The multiflora roses need to be destroyed by some means.

Digging is extremely difficult as all of the plant's roots need to be removed from the soil.

In most cases, herbicides are most effective control option. There are two herbicide treatment options.

  • Cut-stump treatment with glyphosate or triclopyr; cut-stump or basal bark spray treatment around the stem with triclopyr.
  • Foliar spray with glyphosate or triclopyr solution.
Grasses don't grow well in shade. Native, shade tolerant shrubs, such as bush honeysuckle (Diervilla lonicera) and gray dogwood (Cornus racemosa) might help reduce erosion.

Planting native woodland wildflowers might also be helpful. See article at the following website.