Most people know if they are being bit

Asked April 6, 2020, 1:57 PM EDT

I have marks and samples . I have a cup full of something but what do I do next . They have invaded me - my home - my private my hair and do not insult me with its in my mind ! They say scabies but it does not do all of the above and I love birds and have feed them for 2 years so what am I left with to figure out or research my next step ! Please help

Sumner County Tennessee

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Those things do not look like insects or mites. You can send them to me if you like and I will look at them under a microscope for you.

To preserve and protect fragile specimens, it’s always best to submit insects in a small leak proof vial filled with rubbing alcohol or vinegar (the postal service prefers you send them in vinegar). Place the vial in a small zip-lock baggie, then in a small box or mailing tube and mail to

Plant and Pest Diagnostics
578 Wilson Rd.
East Lansing MI 48824-6469

Be sure to include a note with your contact information including your email address.

You can download one of our submittal forms here..

Regards, Howard