Fruit Tree Diseases

Asked April 6, 2020, 1:36 PM EDT

I just moved into a new house that has fruit trees. I can tell at least two of them have issues. I am attaching a couple of pictures which may help. Do you have any suggestions on ways I can help these trees. Thank you so much!

Berrien County Michigan

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Unfortunately, what you're seeing in the fist two photos are the fruiting bodies of a fungus that is growing inside the limbs/trunk of the tree. It's a sign that the tree is rotting from the inside out, There is no treatment. When this happens to large trees, it's recommended that the trees be removed because there is significant risk that they will fall and cause harm.

Because these trees appear to be relatively small, if they are in an open and relatively untravelled area you might want to allow them to leaf out this spring. Depending on the degree of internal rot, they may still produce a significant amount of foliage and fruit.

I'm not sure about the third photo. It looks like there might be some smaller fungal fruiting bodies growing around an old wound, but I can't see them clearly. (It might also just be lichen,) The tree has "healed" (compartmentalized) the wound itself to the degree possible. There is no further action to take.


Thank you so very much for your insight! Have a wonderful day!

You're welcome! You also!