Asked April 5, 2020, 6:12 PM EDT

Hello, We live in Catonsville and are trying to find out what clematis would be good in our area. It would also need to grow fairly fast. It would go on our large trellis on our patio that has afternoon sun. Thank you for your time and stay safe and well.

Baltimore County Maryland

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Some Clematis species are susceptible to a leaf spot disease caused by the fungus Phoma. Leaf spots form on leaves but when infection grows down the petiole into the stem the fungus can cause a stem canker that leads to a wilt and dieback of the plant known as clematis wilt. The disease may not kill the plant but you may have the same issues in following seasons.

We recommend that you look for resistant clematis varieties to this disease. Look for clematis varieties in the Viticella Group. See the attached link