Time to sow seeds, but heavy rains coming

Asked April 5, 2020, 4:22 PM EDT

I am in Alabama and looking to direct sow seeds into my vegetable garden. One problem - we are expecting 5-6.5 inches of rain over the next two weeks. While there are dry days in there that I could potentially sow, I am concerned about too much moisture rotting my seeds. How much rain is too much rain for newly sown seeds? If I wait until after this rainy spell, I am concerned that it might be getting too late in the season for certain vegetables. I could start the seeds indoors and transplant later but I would rather avoid transplanting if I can.

Lee County Alabama

1 Response

How much rain is too much is a bit subjective. The real question is how well does your soil drain. Waterlogged soil is anaerobic soil and anaerobic conditions favor rots and other diseases. Starting transplants is probably your safer option.