Lawn Weed Identification

Asked April 4, 2020, 9:01 PM EDT

Hi, I have a lawn weed that I'm not able to identify. It is a grassy weed with wide leaves. It is currently in my lawn and must be a perennial.

Howard County Maryland

1 Response

This looks like orchard grass, a weedy grass that is commonly found seeded around Maryland. There is no herbicide that will selectively kill or prevent orchard grass in fescue. Yes, it's perennial. You can pull or dig up clumps.

It looks like there is a lot of bare soil in your lawn. We'd recommend overseeding or renovating in late summer-early fall (the absolute best time.) Here's how to do it: You can get a jump start by doing a soil test now and applying fertilizer and lime according to the recommendations. It takes a long time for lime to work into the soil, so it's good to start long in advance.

To do a soil test, you can search 'soil testing' on our website. The University of Delaware lab is still operating as far as we know. We'd recommend it.