Cytospora canker

Asked April 4, 2020, 10:54 AM EDT

Does cytospora fungal live in soil? Thus do I have to remove old soil when replanting trees who have died from cytospora infection?

Santa Fe County New Mexico

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This is a question for a plant pathologist rather than an entomologist, so I'll try to direct you to a couple of contact points to hep with this question and maybe others that arise in landscape maintenance.

Phillip Lujan is a plant pathologist and coordinator of our NMSU Plant Clinic. Route your question to him at <>. He also accepts plant specimens for lab work. Read more about our plant clinic at 'NMSU Plant Diagnostic Clinic'.

Another contact point for general questions is your Santa Fe County Extension office located next door to the Fairgrounds in Santa Fe. With this virus situation, they may be working from home, but it's definitely worth a call. Tom Dominguez is the county ag agent.

For more general questions about plant health growth, species selections, etc. NMSU has Dr. Marisa Thompson at the Ag Experiment Station in Los Lunas. Her email is <>.

That should get you started and maybe even asking more questions.