is it tall ryegrass, tall fescue or quackgrass?

Asked April 4, 2020, 10:50 AM EDT

Hi - Thanks in advance for any help you can lend. I'm wracking my brain trying to determine what this is. It has auricles but I'm not sure they qualify as the "clasping" auricles of quackgrass. Also, the leaves have a midrib. I'm not finding rhizomes as I dig this up, but I don't know if they'd probably tear anyway. My best guess is that it's ryegrass, but can you please help? Thanks so much!

Henrico County Virginia

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It looks like annual ryegrass. Annual rye is lighter green in color, fast growing, typically has auricles, and never has rhizomes. Quackgrass would a blueish green and I don’t remember it having a midrib. But it definitely has giant white fleshy rhizomes. Tall fescue typically doesn’t have a midrib but has coarse veins in top. Occasionally it might have short auricles but not usually. And usually not rhizomes. Hope that helps.

Thanks very much, Rodney!