Ground Cover

Asked April 4, 2020, 10:21 AM EDT

I have been clearing the Ivy that has taken over my back yard. I now have areas of bare soil I'd like to cover. What can I grow from seed that will grow well and quickly. I do not want to plant grass that will need mowing.

Baltimore County Maryland

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What the best choice is will be determined largely by the site conditions - i.e. sun or shade, wet or dry, clay or sandy, etc.

Here is our list of recommended groundcovers from our website: It gives the growing conditions for each plant.

Most of these cannot be grown easily from seed, and even those will take more than a year to get established. We'd recommend buying plants or getting them from friends if you can. Golden groundsel grows easily from seed and you may have good success with ageratum, cat mint and thyme from seed.

We'd recommend trying several different groundcovers to see which ones do best in your conditions. There are many more (watch out for invasive species, they are still being sold!).