apple and cherry trees in potter county pa.

Asked April 3, 2020, 10:08 PM EDT

My friend has some property in northern potter county pa. he don't think apple and cherry trees will grow in potter cause of the weather. there has to be a apple and a cherry tree growing somewhere up there. we are both from lebanon county pa and he wants to plant tree on his land for wildlife but he dont think they will grow . now these tree wouldn't be for humans to eat but for wildlife . what kind of apple and cherry trees do you recommend for this reason to draw wildlife in like deer and birds anything that would benefit from having these trees ??

Potter County Pennsylvania

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I grew up in McKean County and my mom still lives there. There are a couple of old apple trees on her property. Definitely older than 50 years. They aren't in the best shape, but they still produce apples. Apples will grow in the northern counties. The issue is there is always a greater risk of a late frost that destroys the flowers. I am assuming these will not be sprayed for insect or disease pests. No treatments will impact the development of fruit, but since the apples aren't for harvest for human consumption, I am assuming that doesn't matter. This link has the Penn State Backyard Fruit Grower publication.