Iron Bacteria in Well Water

Asked April 3, 2020, 1:18 PM EDT

I have scum that accumulates in the toilet tanks. The water coming out of the faucet sometimes smells sort of like sewer, rotten, like hydrogen sulfide, rotten eggs, etc. I think it is iron bacteria. In years past, I have shock treated my well with bleach, which worked very well, but as you know, that only lasts for half a year to a year. Every summer it gets smelly again. I know that most recommendations are to install a chlorine injection system, along with sanitizing the entire house water system.
My question is, will a UV disinfectant light device kill iron bacteria. I have 5 micron filtration and activated carbon filtration. I also have a water softener and a water treatement system to which I have to add potassium permangenate solution.


1 Response

If the smell is mostly in the hot water you might want to do a shock chlorox treatment on just the hot water heater. However I would recommend you contact a plumber or water treatment technician rather than doing this yourself, particularly if you are going to go the expense of a UV system, which may not be necessary. The scum in the toilet tank could just be minerals. Have you tested the water for hardness? If not, you probably should.