Salad Table Alternative Construction

Asked April 3, 2020, 11:19 AM EDT

Hi Gardeners! Thanks for the excellent salad table plans posted on your website. Under alternative construction methods, you mention using a deeper planter for peppers, tomatoes, snap beans, etc. How do you support the plant on the table? Should I place tomato cages directing on the table? Is it possible to train the plants to hang off the side of the table? Please advise. Best wishes

Prince George's County Maryland

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Hi- there are container and patio-type tomato cultivars that will cascade over the edge of the table. Garden centers and seed companies offer many of these. They don't need any support.
Bush cucumber and bush bean would not need support. You can attach a simple wooden or PVC plant support trellis directly to the rear of the salad table to support pepper plants.

Tomato, cucumber, and pepper do best in a 10-inch deep salad table and bush beans can be grown in a 6-inch deep salad table.

Here's a recent salad table blog post: