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Asked April 1, 2020, 9:53 PM EDT

I found these inside of a Madrone tree branch they had hollowed out. Any ideas to what it is and how to get them to stop eating my trees?

Josephine County Oregon

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Several moth caterpillars feed on madrone by mining the leaf, eating only its interior and not the epidermis. Some cause sinuous mines, others are blotch miners, and one is a blotch miner that cuts elliptical holes in the leaf after it finishes mining. The final injury looks like paper punch holes. Damage is usually minor from these insects, and no controls are necessary.

Wood-boring beetles may invade madrone wood that is exposed by injury or cankers, but the beetles are most important and noticeable in dead material, especially firewood.

Two round headed woodborers are common: the western ash and the oak cordwood borer. These insects are known to arrive at firewood piles within hours of cutting during spring and summer, and they can seriously riddle the wood. Adults may emerge from firewood inside the home, but the beetles are not harmful to people or houses. Attached is an article that may help you.


Hope this helps!