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Asked April 1, 2020, 7:41 PM EDT

Is there a certified potato grower in Oregon who would mail me about 15 lbs of seed potatoes, preferably with options for some different varieties? I like to do my "shopping" in Oregon, but I could of course shop in other states. Thanks for giving me guidance. It is good to plant potatoes when dandelions are blooming, so now is the time!

Washington County Oregon

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Virtually every nursery in Oregon sells certified seed potatoes. Even though this is an acceptable time to plant (late March – mid-April), it is not the paramount time for purchasing--that should be done between January and February. Sometimes you can order seed potatoes before Christmas the previous year! During these months you will have the optimal choice of varieties and be able to choose when you would like to harvest, as you can have different varieties during all of the potato growing season.

With this information as a preface, I cannot offer you any Oregon nurseries that have potatoes to ship. I did find one in Washington, a few as far as Maine and one in Alberta, Canada still have potatoes in stock to ship. You may have to order from a few different nurseries to get your desired varieties. I recommend you act fast to purchase what is available before they are gone!

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Here is general information about planting and harvesting potatoes. Good luck and happy gardening.