Miracle Grow Potting soil a nightmare

Asked April 1, 2020, 7:29 PM EDT

Hi! I transplanted about a third of my houseplants in February. They are all growing white mold, repeatedly, despite scraping it off over and over. I looked on line and it looks to be a huge issue with Miracle Grow potting soils, but not one I had encountered before. What can I do? I’m losing plants to stem rot and fading leaves. Thank you~

Garfield County Colorado

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From the picture, it appears to be a saprophytic fungus. These are common on soil surfaces, especially if there is overwatering (and the soil remains moist). These molds are unlikely to have an impact on the health of your plants but can be indicative of a management problem (poor drainage/overwatering). How frequently are you watering your plants? The best way to combat this would be to let your soil dry out a bit more in between waterings.