Crabgrass prevention

Asked April 1, 2020, 12:32 PM EDT

My I aerate my lawn prior to applying a crabgrass preemergence?

Monroe County New York

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Thank you for contacting us. Aeration is part of good lawn maintenance and can be done in either spring or fall. Just make sure the soil is dry enough so that it does not become further compacted by your walking on it.

We generally recommend aerating using a hollow-tine core cultivator rather than solid tines. The cores can be left on top of the soil and will disappear when you mow. Solid tines tend to compact the soil, negating the benefits of aeration while hollow tines allow water, fertilizer and air to penetrate better.

Marie, thanks for the quick reply. With regards to crabgrass pre-emergence, and aeration. Will the aeration prior to applying crabgrass pre-emergence have a positive, natural, or negative effect?


John Ryan

Hello again, I doubt the aeration will have much effect on the herbicide. Note:

Pre-emergent herbicides work by creating a chemical barrier in the top layer of soil that coats seeds and prevents them from growing roots and shoots.
This article provides some information you may find useful even though it addresses containers rather than lawns. The principals are the same.