Native Plant Sources

Asked April 1, 2020, 10:43 AM EDT

I'm looking for a nursery that will ship native plants in small quantities to my house. Can you advise?

Anne Arundel County Maryland

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While we do not have a list of plant vendors, the MD Native Plant Society does publish a list of area nurseries/growers who sell native plants. It's a long list because some companies sell only natives and others sell both natives and non-natives. They also may or may not be locally-sourced (that is, with local genetics), and you would have to ask them about whether or not they are currently offering shipping of plants.

There are native plant companies in states further afield, and are probably best discovered by searching for some of the plants you have interest in through a search engine and then sorting through pages that come up from nurseries. (If using Google, try using the "all" tab for search results rather than "shopping" as some sites may not be set up to be included in those searches.) Using the plant's Latin name may give you better results than its common name.

Companies have many different ways of shipping plants, but often, small quantities are possible since they can secure the box with only a few pots in it or can ship a whole tray of younger plants (plugs), which can sometimes be a mix of species rather than a whole tray of the same one. If a company's page doesn't mention minimum order requirements, you could either assume they don't have them or email them to ask. Sometimes, they will make minimum order size suggestions to make shipping more economical. In that case, you could see if a neighbor wants to order plants with you and you can split the shipping cost. (At present, certainly, getting the plants and money exchanged might be a bit challenging.)