Ball Python Scale Rot

Asked March 31, 2020, 10:46 PM EDT

I have had my ball python for about 4 weeks now and was wondering if this is scale rot or something else?


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Thank you for your question. It's not possible to determine if you snake has scale rot based on your photograph. Scale rot is a dermatological disease, and is usually the result of the animal being kept under conditions with too high humidity and/or cage substrate that is too damp.

Small blisters can form that are usually, initially, filled with clear, yellowish liquid. If not treated, these blisters can become infected with bacteria and the condition can get much worse.

If you catch the condition early, moving the snake to a dry cage with the proper temperature and humidity is often all that is needed to correct the condition. A reptile veterinarian can examine your snake and determine if the condition is, in fact, scale rot, if there is any infection and provide appropriate treatment.

Here's a link to an article published in Reptiles magazine that addresses various conditions, including scale rot:

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