Motion sensors vs flood security lights that stay on all night around your property.

Asked March 31, 2020, 12:11 PM EDT

Considering caterpillars are the mainstay of most bird diets in North America and particularly when rearing their young is their an article on ways to help caterpillars complete their life cycles? One in question for me is that since moths are drawn to light and they burn up energy reserves and die, get eaten by bats or other predators I would love to see an article that encourages homeowners to switch to motion sensor lights that turn on only when you or an intruder are out and about in your yard vs big stay on all night home security flood lights that fatally attract insects. This simple act will make an enormous difference for insect populations, particularly for night-flying moths and, thus, for caterpillars to help complete their life cycle!

Barry County Michigan

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You have made a good point, and I will see about writing that article to be distributed through the MSU Extension news system and other routes.