Flowering vine

Asked March 31, 2020, 12:48 AM EDT

Hoping you can ID this. Very pretty but the blooms have little to no fragrance.

Jackson County Oregon

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Your white-flowering vine is most likely one of several clematis varieties. It appears to be one of the Clematis armandii cultivars. These are evergreen, long leathery-leaved climbers which bloom in early spring.( You do not say if the photo is current or something you took at an earlier time.) There are more than 200 clematis varieties in the world; many look alike, but bloom at different seasons of the year. Most clematis are fragrant; C. armandii is usually noted for a vanilla-like scent; C.x cartmanii 'Avalanche' also blooms in early spring and is not noted for fragrance.. Normally, we would suggest you take a branch into the Master Gardener Plant Clinic for definite i.d., but that isn't possible at the present time. We do note lots of leaves are eaten, most likely by snails or slugs. Perhaps some slug or snail control would result in a more beautiful plant! You can choose from a variety of controls, some harmless to dogs (and people). Read the labels carefully and follow directions. Stay safe!