Tree/shrub identification

Asked March 30, 2020, 2:06 PM EDT

Hello, Can you help me identify this tree? I live in Cambridge along the Rum river. I have these small trees encroaching on my back yard. They are, for the most part, under 1" in diameter and 3 to 5 feet tall. There are single opposing thorns along the branches and some trunks. I'd like to start eradication while I'm in "lockdown". After a recent rain, I was able to pull a few of the smaller ones out of the ground with roots attached. If I do pull them out intact, what is the best disposal method. I do have a wood stove in my garage but the wood will probably be a bit green now for that. I do have a small brush pile where I will be using a wood chipper but it's probably not safe to store these trees until June or so when I get the wood chipper going. Thanks for your help.

Isanti County Minnesota

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I think it might be one of the locust trees. It is fine to store the limbs in a brush pile until they can be chipped or burned when the wood is dry. If they are pulled up or cut off they the limbs won’t resprout. Hope you can get them out without too much damage to yourself. They look nasty.

Thanks for your help. After a bit of research, I did think they probably are Black Locust. I have another question though. What is the best way to reclaim the ground? Right now the ground is covered by leaves. I'd like to seed it with some bee safe grasses and plants to have a bit of a buffer from the regular lawn to the forest. I'm not sure if I want to rake the leaves and have all of that exposed ground open for new undesirable seeds. Also, on the trees to big to uproot, I'm thinking the best thing would be th cut and treat the stump with Roundup?

Thanks for your help and quick response to my questions. Have a good day.

Cutting the trees off at ground level and treating the stumps with roundup is very effective. To create a buffer zone I would consider a native wildflower mix or no mow grass seed mix from Prairie Moon in Wisconsin.