Grass seed question

Asked March 30, 2020, 1:40 PM EDT

I am hoping to establish a lawn around my new home. I am located on Redlands Mesa in Western Colorado. I do not have well water and needs a grass that is easy to establish without a heavy demand for water. The soil is clay and dries out rather quickly. Most of the rest of my property is largely sagebrush with some Cedar and Juniper trees. The area that I plan on seeding is in full sun for most of the day. I would appreciate suggestions for the type of seed I should purchase. In addition, since I am new to the area, if you have a suggestion for a source for this seed, I would appreciate that information also.

Delta County Colorado

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Have you had a soil test done? This is a good way to figure out what yuo need to add to the soil before you plant. Colorado State, Ward Labs and American agricultural labs all do soil tests. At a minimum you should till in compost at a depth of 6-8". Typically at a rate of 2-3 yards per 1000 sf is the industry standard. I would consider buffalograss or a mix of buffalograss and blue grama. Some of the local nurseries carry seed as well as Mesa Feed and Seed. I would call ahead. There are also some great seed companies online in CO. Granite seed, SW Seed, Western native seed and pawnee buttes seed to name a few. They would have the best coverage amounts (lbs seed/area). This guide can help as well. Let me know if there are more questions.