Sick rosemary

Asked March 30, 2020, 9:04 AM EDT

For the past few years whenever I plant rosemary it dies. I've tried multiple locations in my yard and even in pots and it still dies. Attaching photos of latest victim. Not totally dead yet but on its way. Any help/advice appreciated. Thanks.

Montgomery County Maryland

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Rosemary does not overwinter well in MD. IT is not hardy here. Sometimes it may be okay in a protected area near the house. In general, gardeners bring the plant indoors if possible and it is also challenging to grow indoors. It also requires a well drained soil and will languish in wet areas with poor drainage. This is a Mediterranean plant.
The plant grows best in full sun.
At this point all you can do is remove any dead stems and leaves. You may have to start over with new plants. Here are some good links