Gluten Free Yeast Bread Recipe wanted

Asked March 29, 2020, 7:42 PM EDT

Do you have a recipe for gluten free bread?

Lane County Oregon

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First of all I am not an expert on gluten free yeast breads however I do know that you will not end up with the same quality bread that you do when you use a high gluten flour used in making regular yeast breads. The gluten provides the structure and the texture. Without it the bread will have a different texture and be more crumbly but it is possible to make a yeast bread-like product using gluten free flours. Most of the bread recipes add Xantham gum to the recipes which helps produce a bread like structure.

I would suggest you google companies like Bob's Red Mill and King Aurther Flour for ideas for recipes. They have several tested recipes for gluten-free yeast breads on their websites.. Then I would practice a little and adjust the recipes to fit your liking. This is a great time to do some experimenting.

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Nellie Oehler