weeds killing out ivy on steep slope with poor drainage

Asked March 29, 2020, 7:41 PM EDT

How do we encourage ivy on a large dry poorly drained slope where weeds come in and squeeze out the ivy. This is an HOA property in a fire area. The soil has been allowed to erode and dry out on an expansive hillside. I read about adding mulch/bark with various ways of supporting it to avoid losing the mulch.
Then, how can we encourage ivy that is everywhere, but has disappeared on this slope due to weeds and erosion. This hillside is shady much of the time, but some hot sun in the summer. We are interested in a fire resistant ground cover. Since the ivy is all over this area, is that our best choice to restore this hillside?

Alameda County California

1 Response

Thank you for your question. It was directed to us in Oregon, but we are unfamiliar with your area’s terrain and any limitations on planting ivy and available herbicides. Please contact your county Extension office for advice: http://cealameda.ucanr.edu/ Good luck!