Mature Cedar tree is turning bronze/brown

Asked March 29, 2020, 7:26 PM EDT

Large bronze/brown spots started appearing on our Cedar. This has never happened this time of year. Sometimes in summer dry months it will turn, but not after a rainy spring.
It's too early for spider mites, and there is nothing around the base to indicate root rot.
Any help appreciated

ps the foreground branches are maple

Queens County New York

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A diagnosis cannot be made just from the photo. Look closely at the damaged areas. Are there any tiny brown or black spots on the individual green needles? If so it could be tip blight. Were there any herbicides put on the lawn or soil surrounding the tree? This could cause tip damage. There is also a needle miner that attacks the individual needs of this Juniper.
I suggest you contact your local extension service to see if they are receiving samples and can look at a clipping.

Carol Quish