Unknown seeds found in a garden recently (March, 2020)

Asked March 29, 2020, 5:42 PM EDT

Can anyone help us ID these seeds. They were found near the area where tomatoes were growing in my niece's garden in Eagle River, Alaska. I have tried the seed morphology ID and it didn't come close. Google image search said it was "wood." I guess the image doesn't show the seeds clearly enough. But after staring at lots of photos of close ups of various seeds, I realized I needed to ask someone who knows or who knows where to find someone to answer our question. My niece has six children and is trying to help them learn.

Anchorage Alaska

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These look like chokecherry seeds, from the European bird cherry (aka May Day) or the Canada red chokecherry (leaves turn purple mid season). Attached is a picture of these seeds. The seeds you have pictured are darker, but I think that is because the seeds in my picture were cleaned thoroughly. Your seeds could be from another chokecherry or small fruited cherry shrub. Differentiating the seeds between species of chokecherry is difficult, and I am most familiar with the first European and Canada Red because they are considered invasive species. The picture I attached includes both of these species to aid in differentiation.

These could have gotten there from a nearby tree that dropped seeds and fruit, birds perching after eating, or rodents that are storing them.