Soil analysis and augmentation

Asked March 29, 2020, 1:06 PM EDT

Developing a garden plot on Silt Mesa with what looks like poor soil. Need testing and recommendations on improvements. Especially for soil in raised planters - 4 each cattle troughs 3' by 8' by 2.5' deep.

Also need plan to shift a irrigated yard dominated with clump grass to a non-clump lawn-type grass.

Garfield County Colorado

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For gaining a better understanding of your soil condition, we recommend getting a soil test (and following recommendations on amending/improving your soil based on those recommendations). Once you have received the results from your soil test, we can assist you in interpreting them.

Currently, our Colorado State University Soil Testing lab is operating on a limited capacity- however, you can get a soil test through the Ward Labs:
Please contact them directly for more information regarding their testing process.

In terms of shifting your lawn from clump-type to non-clump-type grass- do you know what species of turf you have?