Asked March 28, 2020, 7:59 PM EDT

should our butterfly bu8sh be pruned?

Douglas County Oregon

1 Response

Yes, butterfly bushes respond well to pruning. Since the butterfly bush blooms on new growth made in the current year, it is a good practice to prune the main branches back significantly each dormant season. I prune my bush back to about 3 feet tall. The best form is to keep about 3-4 main trunks. This will allow the plant to spread out nicely as it grows during the summer.

Remember that butterfly bushes are considered an invasive species that can spread into our native habitat. You should grow only the newer sterile seeded varieties. If you have an older non sterile type, dead head (prune off) all spent flower heads to prevent them from going to seed, or better yet remove them and get a new sterile non spreading butterfly bush.