Asked March 28, 2020, 5:10 PM EDT

I have a wild area with sumac, sawgrass, grass, and weeds. So this year I thought to eliminate the weeds a pre-emergent would be the right thing to do. Can I grass seed also, or no? Should the Pem be kept away from the sawgrass? Yes- the Sgrass is dominant and does not allow weeds. Thank you, jim moore Rochester Mn

Olmsted County Minnesota

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Saw grass is a perennial so a pre-emergent will only stop seeds from germinating. Grass seed will be be stopped too. Pre-emergents do have information about when it’s safe to spread grass seed on the label. A pre-emergent will stop annual weeds and perennial seeds.

Thank you. I chose Mexotrione pre-emergent which is supposed to be
grass seed friendly. You did not mention sumac, since they are woody I assume
pre emergent will not harm them.
thank you, jim

Do you suggest another application later in the year?