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We have tiny beetle-like bugs entering the house. They are under 1/16th inch in length. Under a microscope they are fuzzy, olive green and black in color. They have wings but seem to move around without flying much. Seem to be attracted to white windowsills and white clothing in laundry basket. My I-Pone couldn't really capture what they look like or I'd attach a photo....... they looked like tiny dark lentils in the photo. Do you know what they might be?

Multnomah County Oregon

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It's tough to firmly ID an insect without an image. Several different household pests fit your description, among them several different pantry pests as well as several dermestid beetles (fabric-feeding pests).

All these go to windows in an effort to leave, In the meantime, their youngsters are feeding on their preferred foods, with stored pantry foods or, in the case of the dermestids, woolen fabrics (clothing, carpets, rugs, and furniture), feathers and/or furs.

For both of these, the only way to get rid of them is to find, and destroy, their food.

Even though the critters are very small, take several close-up images while trying to get them in focus. Then please attach up to 3 of the best ones when you reply to this email.

Thanks but I haven't figured out how to attach I-phone photos to my question which was sent from my PC. They don't seem to be in sync.
Martha Couch

Thanks for trying. You were successful!

The first image you attached, the one with your fingers, reveals that the critters in question are dermestid beetles, more specifically varied carpet beetles. The 2nd link I attached "Carpet Beetles" explains all you need to know - http://ipm.ucanr.edu/PMG/PESTNOTES/pn7436.html.

The basics are that you must find their food. Once found, it must be laundered; dry cleaned; or trashed. If the fabric, or whatever the food is, is in cardboard boxes, also discard those as they have numerous cracks and crevices to hide.

As you search closets and storage areas, also look for the youngsters because they are the ones doing the damage.

If you have further questions after reading the info at the link, please ask.

Thanks for all the info.....cleaning gives us a new purpose during confinement!!

Thanks for all the info.....cleaning gives us a new purpose during confinement!!