neutralizing triple mix garden soil

Asked March 28, 2020, 11:15 AM EDT

What is the best organic products to neutralize high alkaline garden soil? I purchased triple mix soil from local distributor last spring. Was suppose to be plant ready. Grew vegetables with minimal success. Soil tested very high alkaline soil. Would very much appreciate your expertise advise and guidance. Kathleen Pettit

Washoe County Nevada

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Hello Kathleen,

Did you have your soil tested by a professional lab and if so can you please email me your results at
Depending on with the pH was and where the other nutrients are it will change what the recommendation would be. At this time the only thing I can recommend without further detail is to leach the soil with water and add organic compost to add in lowering the pH and adding organic matter which the microbes and plants will need. Do not add steer manure as it is high in ammonia and salts. You will want to find a good quality bulk or bagged compost from your local nursery.