Spider bite during sleep in nz

Asked March 27, 2020, 9:03 PM EDT

Can you tell me what kind of spider did it? No i have a rashy area with puncture marks. It was itchy. The rash had started to spread and I wanted to control and get rid of it. I was thinking it might have been the Redback spiders. Alll this happened in new zealand. Thank you for any answers

Outside United States

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Thank you for your question for eXtension. The topic area in which you've made a request is not yet fully staffed by eXtension experts and therefore we cannot provide you with a timely answer.

We do not diagnose bites and rashes, and you should seek medical care.

If you live in the United States, please consider contacting the Cooperative Extension office closest to you. Simply go to http://articles.extension.org, drop in your zip code and choose the office that is most convenient for you. We apologize that we can't help you right now, but please come back to eXtension to check in as we grow and add experts.