Northern ground cover in shade.

Asked March 27, 2020, 12:39 PM EDT

What is a good ground cover plant for a location with very little sun in SW Michigan? Preferably something that flowers but not necessary.

Allegan County Michigan

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Thank your for your question. There are many shade tolerant ground covers available. You want to chose one that works with you degree of shade, soil moisture and soil type. If you live near a naturals are it is wise to stay away from some aggressive plants like aegopodium, vinca, pachysandra and lily of the valley. Since most shade plants only flower for a limited time, consider the texture and color of the foliage. Here are some shade tolerant ground covers that may work in your area:

  • Sweet Woodruff
  • Canadian Wild Ginger
  • Lillyturf (be sure it is good to zone 5)
  • Tiarella
  • Some Ferns
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