Invasive Grass

Asked March 26, 2020, 9:03 PM EDT

Hello: We live in Ashland and are curious what is the plant shown in the attached photo. It’s growing most anywhere there is bare ground and likes to spread. We’ve been pulling it out. Do you have a suggestion for how to eradicate this grass. In one area, it’s mixed with a bunch grass and we plan on covering this area with cardboard then replanting a native grass. We’re concerned that it will grow back in the disturbed soil before the other grass establishes. Any suggestions on how to accomplish this w/o having the invader grow back. If it be easier we’d best wishes willing to provide a phone number. Thanks Bruce

Jackson County Oregon

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It's difficult to identify the grass from this picture. I'm thinking it might be bentgrass looking at its prostrate nature. If it is growing where you don't want it, it's a weed and your purpose is eradication. This link to an OSU publication you may find helpful:
It states now is the time to start pulling the grassy weeds when the soil is damp. In large areas use a hoe and keep doing it because you don't want the grass to go to seed. There are no doubt dormant seeds already in the soil which will germinate, so persistence is the key.
Then apply a 2-4 inch deep layer of mulches such as bark dust, wood chips, leaves, straw and grass clippings that will keep weeds under control and improve soil as they break down.
Avoid overhead watering the plants you want to keep, as it waters the weeds too. Use drip irrigation if possible.
Plastic sheeting put over large areas can be effective. Leave for six weeks. The weeds will “starve” without sunlight.
As for using cardboard, check out this website for how to do it
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