Hydroponic plant bulbs

Asked March 26, 2020, 11:21 AM EDT

How do you preserve the bulbs of tulips grown hydroponically and have since finished flowering? In other words, what is the process for saving them until next growing season? Thank you.

Anoka County Minnesota

2 Responses

I"m sorry but when bulbs are forced into bloom it is hard to save them. They don't have the ability to grow and rejuvenate the bulb. Normally when you plant tulips in the fall and they bloom in the spring they have the time and ability to continue to grow once the flower has faded which allows the bulb time to build itself back up for blooming the following spring. I would suggest throwing them away.

Sherry has valid points, but I was faced with a similar problem last year, and I planted them in a sunny space, and they bloomed this year! Tulips are remarkably resilient if you give them a year to replenish the bulb! Just be sure to add bonemeal to the hole to help grow new, healthy roots!