How to remove sand burr's

Asked March 25, 2020, 10:45 PM EDT

I just purchased a lot in Montrose, CO and find out the lot has sand burr's everywhere, how can I kill those plants? And, any thoughts how to rake them up?

Montrose County Colorado

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Just to confirm, this is a grass with picky seed heads. If so, this is an annual so an application of a pre-emergent like Pendulum would work. here is an article on it. Depending on how rough the ground is, if there were anyway to mow it, collect it and then dispose of thru serious composting (140-160 degrees) or hauling off so you don't have the seeds coming up this year. Raking might just spread. Or plant something like a cover crop that could overgrow it. Or if watering/irrigated:
Good luck.