treating Zoysia Grass

Asked March 25, 2020, 5:01 PM EDT

Should I cut dormant Zoysia grass down to ground to get rid of this dead grass.Is this tan grass considered thatch? There is some green grass already popping up in my lawn. Also, how can I get rid of clover and some other weeds growing in spots?

Harford County Maryland

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Zoysiagrass is not like most lawn grass (tall fescue), because its old stolen debris does not decompose quickly. It builds up and results in a layer of what is known as thatch. It is underneath the new green grass. When this layer of thatch gets deep, it becomes a problem.

The solutions is to "dethatch" the zoysia lawn. This is done by using a dethatching machine in the spring. (Can be rented.)

Here is more information about zoysia care:

Hand pull weeds, if you can. Don't expect perfection. Here is our page on weed control in lawns:

Simply mowing at the correct height, dethatching and fertilizing at the correct time with the correct amount prevents most weed problems.

If you have not done a soil test for a few years, do so and follow the recommendations. (Use the University of Delaware soil testing lab.) Here's how to go about it: