Pollinator recommendations for honeycrisp

Asked March 25, 2020, 4:43 PM EDT

What other apple tree varieties (zone 3 and 4) are good pollinators for honeycrisp apple tree? My neighbor wishes to plant a honey crisp and I will plant another variety for pollination. I like a sweet eating apple that keeps well in the winter if possible... Thanks! Beth

Stevens County Minnesota

3 Responses

Crabapples make the best pollinators for Honey crisp and for all apple varieties. They are almost always growing nearby. Feel free to pick out any apple you like and for the best results go to a local garden center and choose something that is adapted to your area and does well in your county.
For information about growing apples and the characteristics of apple varities see the web site,

Would a Kinderkrisp work as a pollinator for a Honeycrisp? I believe the Kinderkrisp is related to the Honeycrisp.