Depose leaves

Asked March 25, 2020, 2:44 PM EDT

How do I accelerate the decomposition of leaves. We just bought a home with 2 acres and the majority of the yard has been left natural - wooded with oaks, maples and a few pines - we have deep layers of leaves thru out property. We Are keeping the yard natural but we’d like to get some of the leaves off the ground. Way too much work to rake and bag. Is there someway that we can get the leaves to decompose rapidly, without hurting the environment. Please advise. Thank you.

Oakland County Michigan

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Blow them out into the open, where you can run over them with the mower, as many times as needed. Here is a video you can watch:

A bagger attachment for the mower could also be used to pick them up.

You could also compost them, 60% leaves and 40% grass clippings could build up heat that would accelerate breakdown but also give you usable compost for your gardens:

All methods of leaf disposal will be somewhat labor intensive, but understand also how allowing leaves to breakdown in place encourages soil improvement.

Good luck!