Raspberry crumbly fruit

Asked March 25, 2020, 2:24 PM EDT

Hi i have caroline fall bearing raspberries i “temporarily” planted in the shade alongside the house after i moved in until i could dig up a patch in a sunny field and get them moved there. The plants grew like mad last year and created a 4x10 patch with lush leaves, tall plants. I thinned to rows for better circulation, but had small crumbly fruit. I now am digging up the area in the field to prepare a sunny spot but dont know whether to move some of the young plants there or i should destroy them. How do i tell if the inferior fruit were as a result of shade and poor pollination, or a virus? I dont see discolored leaves or white spots on fruit.

Clark County Washington

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Thank you for your question. It is difficult to diagnose a plant problem without having photos (or, in some cases, physical identification) of the plant tissue. As you can see from the following article, there are several causes of crumbly fruit, each with different characteristics. The most common cause here in the PNW is that described here:

Without more information, I'd suggest you plant the canes in the best-drained, sunniest part of the garden, with the best workable soil, and see what happens. If you see symptoms again, take them into your county Extension office for examination. (The plague should be over by then.) Good luck!