Ground cover suitable with free range chickens

Asked March 25, 2020, 12:38 PM EDT

Hi, we moved into our house last year and spent a good chunk of the time tearing up invasive vines and English ivy from the backyard that were threatening to take over everything and choke out what was left. We had some decent groundcover planted afterward that was starting to take (plus some surviving other plants that started to rejuvenate), but that largely died off during the dry spell later in the year. While some is sprouting back up, it's much patchier this year. Complicating things is that we now have a flock of seven chickens in the yard who poop pretty much wherever they want, as chickens do, and like to nibble at the plants still out there. So we were wondering what would be some good groundcovers that can handle the nitrogen the chickens are putting down and grow heartily enough that, once established, don't get completely wiped out? I have a preference for native plants but welcome nonnative ones that may also work to properly stabilize the soil. Attached is a photo of a chunk of the yard from about a week ago.

Montgomery County Maryland

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We'd recommend you contact Dale Johnson, an agent with good experience with backyard chickens. Here is his contact information:

301 405-1275

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