New to greenhouse question

Asked March 24, 2020, 7:50 PM EDT

I purchased a cheapy greenhouse to help us start our flower and veggie seeds this year. However, it may be too cheap. It's warm on sunny days in there but at night it basically just keeps out the wind. I've read about insulating the north wall and about placing black barrels inside filled with water to raise the temp at night. I'm wondering if there are other tips/tricks for our growing zone? I'm also wondering if I start my seeds inside under lights how soon I can move them outdoors where it inevitably will be cooler?

Anoka County Minnesota

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A perfect time to write. The Northern Gardener of the Minnesota State Horticultural Society has a great piece on this very subject in the Jan Feb issue. Worth its weight in coupons and discounts.

Here is some excellent information on hardening your plants to bring them outdoors.

Currently nights are down to 40 degrees, throw a simple tarp over the plants in the late afternoon and remove it in the morning should be sufficient to trap heat.
Thank you for writing.

Thanks so much for your help!

One more question. If I start the seeds indoors at what point can I move them to the greenhouse and cover them with the tarp for the night? Can I do it right from the start or do I need to wait until the plants are established?