Ivermectin on chickens

Asked March 24, 2020, 12:01 PM EDT

I’ve done several things to treat my 10 hens for lice, including DE, poultry dust and permethrin. Three hens have lice bad and the listed treatments are not working. I’ve read to use ivermectin. How long do I have to wait after treating to consume their eggs? My research has me finding no egg withdrawal up to 17 days per treatment. Thank you

Barry County Michigan poultry

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Ivermectin is NOT approved for chickens, especially laying hens. As a result, a withdrawal time has not be set. 17 days would be too short. If I had to guess, it would be AT LEAST 30 days since that allows for the time for then to create a yolk from a single follicle.
In addition, Ivermectin is not effective with chickens. The level required to be effective would be fatal to the chickens.

What have you done besides treating the chickens. Have you treated the poultry house? The treatments do not kill eggs or larvae.
You need to remove ALL litter, clean the house and treat with the poultry dust. The replace the bedding with uncontaminated litter material. You can then put in a dust bath with sand (adding the poultry dust to it would be good to) for the hens to treat themselves by dust bathing. The sand is abrasive and will kill most of the adults.